Tough Mudder!!! Better late than never

Posted: August 2, 2012 by JVK in JVK
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Well, what can I say.  Yes, this is a little late, but I wanted to write about it still.

The few obstacle change ups aside, Tough Mudder  really was a completely different race this year.  Instead of 40 degrees with below freezing water temps, we were in 90+ degrees and humidity.  It was a challange to say the least, but we had a hueg group doign it this year and rented a cabin up at the mountain so were able toenjoy it more.  I definitly would do a repeat of the event in warmer weather again.  And to this day I am still very afraid of cold water since the cold weathe Tough Mudder.

My only complaint was the wait towards the end of the race for the obstacles.  The Berlin walls and the Quarter Pipe easily had a combine hour long wait.  And at the pioint in the race you just want it to be over.  I ran with a buddy from college that does Cross Fit.  At the beginning I thought I was slowing him down, but his energy faded faster than mine, and my endurance training, with the marathon, definitily paid off.  At the end of the race it was me pushing him to finish.

It felt good to finish and drink the first beer I have had in months a Dos Equis, if you may ask.  Then we alll celebrated back at the house with recounts of our day and some much needed hot tub relief.

The electric shocks were way worse this year, and there were three obstacles with electroccussion.  The dnagling wire one at the end was the worst and the wires were spaced so close together there was really no avoiding it.  It knocked my friend completely to the ground.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I love your expression in that picture :)

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